Life Update! (Or How To Resurrect A Dead Blog Without Alienating People)

Well, I haven’t posted to this site in about 6 months, and that’s pretty shameful. I’ve been INCREDIBLY busy in that time - from co-hosting a podcast about pop-culture (it’s called The Catch-Up, listen to it and then shower us with praise please and thank you), to editing bits of the student newspaper (which has … Continue reading Life Update! (Or How To Resurrect A Dead Blog Without Alienating People)


The Greatest Showman (review)

The Greatest Showman is a textbook example of Hollywood revisionism - it takes a seedy historical story and drowns the cinematic retelling in enough saccharine feel-good gloss that it ceases to appear as problematic a story as it once did. The film tells the story of P.T. Barnum, a charlatan who created an enormously profitable … Continue reading The Greatest Showman (review)

Dunkirk (review)

Much has been made of Christopher Nolan’s cinematic experimentations with time - from Inception’s time-altering dream levels, to Interstellar’s complex gravitational/dimensional/time relationships, to Memento’s novel temporal structure, playing with the audience’s perception of time is a consistent theme throughout Nolan’s body of work that he’s only too happy to acknowledge. Dunkirk should be, on paper, … Continue reading Dunkirk (review)

War for the Planet of the Apes (review)

Why do people so rarely talk about how great the new Planet of the Apes movies are? ‘Rise’ and ‘Dawn’ are two of the greatest, intelligently made blockbusters of recent times; many write them off as being ‘weird monkey movies’, but no film series so consistently and intoxicatingly combines earnest, character-driven drama with incredible spectacle … Continue reading War for the Planet of the Apes (review)